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73The objective of the project is an integrated system of hardware and software components which will allow efficient information transfer to people with sight and hearing dysfunctions. The project was launched to develop a prototype solution that will make it easier for the handicapped to deal with matters related to widely understood public realm. Nowadays, all kinds of institutions (not only public ones) make use of IT systems to fulfill certain tasks. Still, these systems lack both technical and organizational solutions that would enable people with sight and hearing dysfunctions to freely deal with official matters. The problems of the deaf are very often underestimated as it is generally thought that such people can write and read fluently. Yet, it often happens that the deaf can neither read nor write, or have serious problems with that. The blind or poorly sighted have similar problems, however, here the basic communication means are human voice and the Braille alphabet. Both groups, i.e. people with hearing dysfunctions and those with sight dysfunctions, face communication difficulties while dealing with every-day official matters in public institutions, such as public offices or banks. The developed solution is meant to integrate the INFOMAT-E components and to be used to convey information to people with sight and hearing dysfunctions. The works include the development of software and hardware modules of the system.

Project partners:


UM ChorzowUM KatowiceEMAG-Serwis 

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Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG is an R&D organization involved in the development and deployment of state-of-the-art devices, systems and technologies.

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