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Infomat-e was in the air (regional TV and radio)

dziennikarze przy infomacieRegional TV and radio stations presented information on the infomat-e – a system developed in the EMAG Institute.

The infomat-e system was a subject of TV news "Aktualności" and Polish Radio Katowice. Infomat-e is a system of public information for people with sight and hearing dysfunctions. The camera took pictures during the seminar organized by the EMAG Institute on the 21 st of September. The subject of the seminar were the main objectives and guidelines of the infomat-e project as well as the results of its pilot implementation in two city halls.

Infomat-e: check the software and mechanisms

102In July 2011, in two Silesian City Halls (Katowice and Chorzow) two information kiosks were put into trial operation. The devices run on the public Information System infomat-e developed in the EMAG Institute. This solution, unique in the world, will be tested by the users at least until the beginning of September.

The functional tests aim to verify operations of the system in real conditions says Adam Piasecki, Manager of Science and Research Centre in the EMAG Institute, and the Infomat-e Project Manager. We intend to check mainly the software and communication mechanisms. We would also like infomat–e to be tested and evaluated by the users.

INFOMAT-E against exclusion

789On 20th of April, in the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG took place seminar on INFOMAT-E. During The results of the Project : „Public Information System For People With Vision And Hearing Impairments – INFOMAT-E" were presented during the seminar.

In Poland lives 5,5mln disabled people, that amounts to 14% of the whole society. Among them about 50% are movement-disabled-persons, about 7% suffers from vision impairments and 18% has defective hearing. Everyday life of those people brings many various problems (urbanity, architectural, technical and other) that makes their life extremely difficult. Coping so many problems (eg. in public institutions like banks, offices, etc.) may lead to social isolation, disappointment, and frustration. This creates a unique population with needs that differ, often dramatically and sometimes subtly, from the people without any health impairments.

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