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About system

Kioskinfomat-e® is a tool and software enabling efficient information transfer. It facilitates access to information for the disabled, particularly with sight and hearing dysfunctions. Yet, it was designed to provide information to a wide group of users, including those without any dysfunctions. The system can work on an information kiosk (or many kiosks) and mobile devices connected within a computer network. This way it is possible to use one data base with texts for many types of interfaces – the content is the same but the presentation form is different on different devices. The content is independent of the presentation form.

The system is made of the following elements:

  • infomat-eKiosk – information kiosk,
  • infomat-eMobile – wireless information channel,
  • infomat-eBT – local wireless information channel,
  • infomat-eSay - dialog system,
  • infomat-eCommunicator - information service.

State-of-the-art quality

infomat-e® is a unique, complex solution comprising software and a manipulator indispensable to provide information to people with sight and heating dysfunctions and, more importantly, to people without any dysfunctions as well. Thus the system is an example of the so called universal design. Due to its complex approach to the issue of providing information to people with sight and hearing dysfunctions, the product is a unique solution of its kind in Poland and abroad. Its unique quality is the fact that it can be used both by the disabled and by people without any dysfunctions.

infomat-e® has received positive opinions from:

  • the Silesian Branch of the Polish Association of the Deaf
  • the Silesian Branch of the Polish Association of the Blind

About Us

The Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG is an R&D organization involved in the development and deployment of state-of-the-art devices, systems and technologies.

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